Frequently Asked Questions

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1I have set up an estate plan with my lawyer, why would I need your POM membership?
Establishing the correct estate plan for your family is critical. It usually requires an expert to advise you of the best combination of trusts, wills, and legal plans for all contingencies. Sometimes this includes documents such as Advanced Directives and Guardianship decrees that may be needed in an emergency.  

We do not carry these documents in our wallets and purses. If we need them in an emergency, we hope there is someone in our lawyer’s office who can find the document and get it to us immediately. It could be the middle of the night. And keeping these documents in a physical safety deposit box is no help for an immediate need.

You can keep all such documents and hundreds more immediately available in your POM Vault. Your POM vault stores all of your family’s important documents, not just legal ones. And always immediately accessible in your POM Vault.
2What happens if I lose my password?
The member can always recover their password by entering their username on our sign in screen and clicking I forgot my password. An email is then sent to the member’s email with instructions. A second identification requirement can be set up for extra security.

Similarly, if the member has established access for someone else, say a family member who is allowed access to the Family Emergency Network, that person follows the same steps.
3We have written out our instructions and have them in a safe deposit box. Is that sufficient?
It is wonderful that you have taken this step. In our opinion, there is so much more you can do. Safe deposit boxes are terrific for savings physical things. But there is the question of access. You have to be signed in, of course. And safety deposit boxes are not open 24 hours a day. If the paperwork that is needed cannot be instantly accessed, there is a potential risk in this.
4If banks, governments and others use this same level of security, why do we hear about the massive “hacks” of their data?
The answer to this question has to do with how information is stored. Institutions store their customers’ data in centralized records. This means that hundreds or thousands or millions of customer’s records can be accessed all at once by one authorized person or by one hacker.

In the POM Vault, your personal information is stored in your own personal vault, controlled by your own password. No one has access to your information. Your information is not placed in a central file. The best analogy is that your information is in a completely separate, highly secure storage location, as a bank safe deposit box is inside a bank vault. Even if you broke into a bank vault, you can only get into a safe deposit box by breaking into each box. Where your POM Vault is secured, there are the equivalent of millions of safe deposit boxes, each with its own highly encrypted password.
5Can my membership be passed on after my death?
Yes. As long as the membership is being paid, the members account remains active. If a spouse survives it is easy to continue. If the membership is being passed to the next generation, it would be advisable for the inheriting party to set up their own account and import the deceased information to it, then close the deceased’s account.
6I have very few assets. Why would I need this service?
Regardless of a family’s asset base, all families face potential crisis in the form of medical, fire, natural disaster, accident and death. Insurance coverages, official documents (birth, death, divorce, adoption, military discharge documents, naturalization certificates) are often quickly needed. In addition, family legacy can be of interest and concern for all families. We have priced our membership so that all families can receive these benefits.
7We are very pleased with our financial planner. Do we have to give up this relationship if we join?
Just the opposite, we believe your relationship with your financial planner will get event better. After all, the planner will appreciate how much more prepared you are for each meeting. Your knowledge of your affairs will increase and you will be a more active client because you will have been dealing with more issues that have come to light as you examine and organize your life.
8When we consider the amount of work that is involved in organizing our information, it just seems like too big a task? Can you please address this?
This is a common concern. When we think about the boxes of documents we have in our garage or attic, we are overwhelmed by the time it will take to locate and digitize our important and memorable papers We imagine it is worse than it actually is. Our members talk about the relief they felt when they went through their first stack of papers and discovered much of what they were holding onto was not needed. They also appreciate how quickly they worked through a couple of cardboard boxes. Members also tell us they found so many photos they wanted to save that they purchased a special scanner with a feeder just to organize and save them. Hundreds of photos they had always meant to put into albums and just never got to it. Small steps are the key. There is no time limit to finish, you just have to start..
9I have a number of diverse assets, including quite a bit of real estate. I have worked with my attorney to correctly title everything to minimize difficulty at my death. What does a membership do for me that I haven’t done already?
It is hard for us to know how complex your holdings are and the manner you have organized and documented everything. But you can ask yourself this question, “If I were to die tomorrow, how easy would it be for my heirs to understand what I own, what they need to know about what I own and what I would have done from this point going forward?” With your POM Vault, you can set up a section for each of your properties. You can put as many subcategories under each property as you like. In this case, think of your POM Vault as a journal where you keep everything bit of information as you see fit. This information is accessible to you and anyone you designate to see it. For example, if you had co-owners on a property, you could give your co-owner access to some of the information, or all of it, without them being able to see information on anything else you own. The POM Vault is endlessly flexible and can store substantial records.
10You claim that my POM Vault is “virtually impregnable”? How can you make this claim?
POM Vault uses 256k encryption technology. This is the level of encryption uses by governments, financial systems and the military. We use this level of encryption for both transfer of your information and storage of your information.

(A 256-bit private key will have 115,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269, 984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,639,936 (that’s 78 digits) possible combinations. No Super Computer on the face of this earth can crack that in any reasonable timeframe.).

The only way in to your POM Vault is through a password. Therefore, you must guard your password, and any passwords you authorize, zealously.
11You say that the POM Vault can store videos and photos. I store all of my photos in the cloud now with a photo service. Why should I switch?
We do not suggest you switch. We encourage POM members to store special memory/history photos within the POM Vault. The meaningful photos, especially from previous generations. Most families have relatively few photos from the pre-1950 era. A few of the most meaningful photos from those times, kept in the Family Legacy section can be shared with extended family. A story we were told by a member is a good example. One family member had a large portrait from the early 1900s. It had never been taken out of the frame and hadn’t been seen by dozens of descendants. The member took a photo of the photo, put it into the Family Legacy section and shared it.

Today, you take dozens and dozens of photos and video in a day. So many that, unless you diligently curate the photos, they just take up storage space. What can be more meaningful than having those few photos “from the old days”, easily accessible?
12I don't understand how to work computers. Can my family still benefit?
This is one of the reasons we refer to our organization as a Family Network. We have many families where one or more senior parents are not computer users. But these parents have so much documentation that should be made accessible for both their safety and for the future of the family.

In this case, one or more members of the family help their parents fill out the simple forms that we provide for a multitude of issues. The assistant should be the member and all information gets properly placed so it can be accessed when needed.