Shep Harmon

Founder- Peace of Mind Family Network

Shep was in the financial services industry for more than 30 years. He has been a licensed insurance agent, investment securities broker, Certified Financial Planner, president of an investment brokerage and president of a financial planning firm. He was a senior executive with a private equity company for twenty years until his retirement.

In his words, “I retired a few years ago. We bought an historic home in St. Augustine, FL. Within 7 days in 2016, we had severe damage from Hurricane Matthew and I had serious cancer surgery. While we we were struggling to recover in a rented condo, the information we needed for insurance claims, rebuilding, medical information and more wasn’t easily available. Much had been destroyed in the hurricane. Our personal information was scattered about. There was no easy access, just chaos.

Over the next few months, I created a secure website where we (or our heirs) could access all of our important documents from anywhere via a secure, private lockbox. I realized I had created a system that could benefit all families, so I felt compelled to leave retirement and create a business help to all families.”

Peace of Mind Family Network is a membership organization created to help families organize their affairs using the highest level of secure technology and cloud services. It can be accessed, by authorized family members, from anywhere in the world. It is especially helpful in the event of an accident, natural disaster or medical emergency. It is a low cost annual membership. The company provides many benefits to members but sells no products and does not allow advertising.